Choosing the Best Insurance Type for Car Accidents: Coverage Types and Factors to Consider

Best insurance type for car accidents

Consider a scenario. Your car is not insured and you experience a car accident one day. Your car was badly hit by another driver where you were not at fault and now you don’t know what next steps you should take for paying out the repair expenses. 

The expensive penalties differ from state to state. You could be in great trouble if you cannot prove that you were NOT at fault, it could lead to your license suspension, hefty fines, and paying out of your pocket for major car repair expenses. 

In this article, we would explain which is the best insurance type for car accidents so that you could do some research and be aware of the steps to avoid all the above-mentioned hassles after a car accident. 

Importance of Choosing the Right Car Accident Insurance 

Why do you need to have car accident insurance? This scenario explains most of the reasons. However, there are other factors as well. 

  • If you have just applied for car insurance and undergo a car accident, you can pay for the repair expenses and pay for them instantly. It can save your life and the lives of your loved ones, for instance, if you are traveling with your family. 
  • The protection against the costly expenses would give you mental relief. 
  • Time-saving is another beneficial outcome once you think of getting car insurance. You would save yourself from the trouble of tedious negotiations with other drivers and property owners. Even with the repair shop owners who would have to explain to you why your damaged car needs extra charges and you might not be in the position of getting a car insurance claim.  
  • Also, it depends on your insurance coverage type and how big can be your protection. For example, if you opt for comprehensive car insurance coverage, it would take care of all costs of auto damages, damages coming when you are at fault, property damage, damage to the car due to riots or fire, etc. 

Now that you have come to know the reasons that would convince you to have car insurance, you should be familiar with various insurance coverage types before getting the best insurance type for car accidents

Overview of Coverage Options 

Although there are several types of car insurance coverage that you could choose from, for example, bodily injury liability, property damage liability, uninsured or underinsured coverage, etc., the three elementary types of car insurance are liability, collision, and comprehensive.

Here’s how they work:

1.Liability Coverage:

It is the lowest type of car insurance out of the three major types, It has the minimum premium that you have to pay for your yearly coverage options in car insurance. It only covers you, the driver, if you are at fault and are held responsible for the accident. The expenses covered in this lowest possible car insurance are medical expenses, vehicle damages, unemployment resulting from the car accident, and negative repercussions after sustained injuries. These coverages could be divided into two categories: bodily injury and property damages. These divisions help the policyholder to decide better which best insurance type for car accidents to choose, especially if you are looking for the lowest possible car insurance coverage. 

2. Collision Coverage:

Just as the example, in the beginning, stated that if you are not at fault and the other driver who collided with your car is, this collision coverage would cover the vehicle damages no matter whose fault it is. In this coverage, You get the great benefit of getting a replacement vehicle in the event that you cannot repair your damaged vehicle soon andThe repair shop nominates it as ‘totaled’. The replacement vehicle could be either obtaine of the same market value or by paying a down payment for a new one.   

3. Comprehensive Coverage:

The majority of people consider this as the best insurance type for car accidents, however, it is expensive. It covers almost all kinds of damages to the property and you that you could think of. Even includes natural disasters, fire, theft, collision damages, stolen car, etc. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing Car Accident Insurance

How much coverage should I have on my auto insurance? It is the biggest question that would be revolving in your mind after you have known the types of coverage present in the insurance market. You need to take care of the factors when choosing car accident insurance since you do not want yourself in high financial liabilities in the name of ‘financial protection’. Those recommend factors are discusse as follows: 

A. State Requirements:

Car insurance state regulations are mandatory to comply with. It is not only for you but also for your coverage provider. Licensing is the highlighted factor here that would show whether the licensed person complied comprehensively with federal and state laws. After you have gained that driving license, you would certainly be granted the best-recommended car insurance coverage. 

B. Deductibles:

Deductibles carry a heavy weight when deciding which car insurance to choose. The higher the cost of the deductible, the lower your overall costs of car insurance would be, either monthly or yearly. It would be best to gauge these deductibles when you apply for an accident claim. 

C. Premiums:

It is another conspicuous factor when you are about to choose the best type of car accident coverage. Why? Because the lower the price of the premium you pay on a yearly basis, the lower the amount of claim you can get. Also, the premium itself depends on a number of factors before you can claim the amount after experiencing a car accident. For example, the age of the policyholder, the model of the car, how many miles the car has driven, the living location of the policyholder, etc. 

D. Discounts:

Some insurance companies offer discounts for getting specific insurance or buying insurance coverage at a certain time of the year. For example, getting a home insurance claim with comprehensive car coverage could be one option that could have discounted premiums with greater claim benefits in the end. 

E. Coverage Limits:

The policy has its own coverage limits. For instance, bodily injuries of up to $100,000 could be covere as medical expenses by the insurance provider and The repair shop may cover up to $200,000 of car damages. These are the claims you can make BUT with a limit. The amounts above that are not included in the policy plans, therefore, you must be vigilant of these limits while choosing the best car accident coverage. 

F. Customer Service and Claims Handling:

Of course, you don’t want an insurance provider who does not pick up your call when you are stuck after a car accident or when you are demanding your claims from them. The customer service and claims handling department should have high ratings for a firm that you select for getting the insurance. Their reviews, referrals, and word-of-mouth would be the best ways of categorizing them as honest, trustworthy, and reliable. 


After analyzing the various types of car insurance, it can be concluded that whatever types of insurance coverage you select, you have to be mindful of the factors that would lead you to take an informed decision. While comprehensive insurance may be more expensive than other types of insurance, it provides greater peace of mind and protection in the event of an accident. Ultimately, the choice of car insurance will depend on individual needs, budget, and preferences, but comprehensive insurance is certainly a strong option to consider.

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