Preventing Truck Accidents with Technology: Detecting Sleepy Drivers on the Road

Preventing Truck Accidents

Preventing Truck Accidents According to statistics released by the National Safety Council (NSC), every year sleepy drivers account for more than 100,000 truck accidents. One of the most common reasons for such truck accidents is driver fatigue and drowsiness.  Fatigue needs special attention in this regard as the driver’s attentiveness and Deficiencies in focus if … Read more

Blinking Flash Lights: A Cost-Effective Solution to Prevent Truck Accidents on the Road

Blinking Flash Lights

Blinking flash lights to prevent truck accidents In some states of the US, the state government does not prohibit using flashing head beams. Although it could be annoying for the traffic coming from the other side of the road as high beam lights are damaging for the drivers’ eyes, especially at night.  However, In the … Read more

Truck Accident Attorney: Expert Legal Representation for Your Case

Truck Accident Attorney: Expert Legal Representation for Your Case

Truck Accident Attorney If you’ve been involved in a truck accident, it can be a scary and overwhelming experience. Not only do you have to deal with the physical injuries and emotional trauma, but you also have to navigate the complex legal system to get the compensation you deserve. This is where a truck accident … Read more

Kansas City Truck Accident Lawyers – Get Compensated Today

Kansas City Truck Accident

Kansas City trucking accident lawyer Kansas City has usually cold, windy, and moist weather due to its chilly winters and summers that are muggy and wet. It is obvious that road accidents might be inevitable, especially when trucks are on their schedules for transporting goods. Why do we talk about trucks here? Because trucks account … Read more