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Kansas City trucking accident lawyer

Kansas City has usually cold, windy, and moist weather due to its chilly winters and summers that are muggy and wet. It is obvious that road accidents might be inevitable, especially when trucks are on their schedules for transporting goods.

Why do we talk about trucks here? Because trucks account for 4% of all cars in Kansas City and face 14% of all traffic accidents. There is no current data, however from 2016 to 2018, 86 truck accidents andThere were 29 deaths.

The purpose for giving this information to you is that in such cases, employing a Kansas City truck accident attorney becomes necessary. And that is just what we will discuss in this post.

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Why Do You Need A Kansas City Trucking Accident Lawyer? 

Let’s suppose you are taking your family out for ice cream. Your kids are enjoying the ride and you are having the best time of your life while driving. Suddenly, at an intersection,a negligent truck driver takes a reckless turn that does not give you enough time to pull your brake. Your car hits badly into the truck and you do not know what to do afterward.

Let us explain that several reasons would hint you to talk to an experienced Kansas City truck accident attorney after the accident. 

  1. The trucking sector is quite huge and you might not know what and how to talk to them.
  2. Large trucks may cause injury to several people on the road. Talking about your compensation with the truck company could be complicated. 
  3. No two truck accidents are similar and the way the truck driver drives might be different, differing from one accident to another. 
  4. An insurance company might not be easy to handle. Since trucking companies are in huge business and are in a stronger position to tackle the case. You as a singular person might not be prepared to tackle their intricate questions on your own. Numerous parties involved with whom you might have to negotiate are loading companies, truck manufacturers, the truck driver himself, and even the state government. 
  5. It is also important to hire Kansas City personal injury attorney when your family is involved as you might not be in the right frame of mind to handle the situation wisely. You need an official and legal representation of your case to look into matters deeply. 
  6. A truck accident lawyer has better strategies, strong information about the legal system of the city, and better networks and contacts that would help him get access to the required resources. 

How Much Truck Accident Lawyer Charges In Kansas City?

Conventionally, the fee percentages of truck accident lawyers are between 33% and 40%, if you win the case. The same charges apply to all the cities in the United States, including Kansas City. 

Fees for truck accidents only apply if you win your case. Nevertheless, CONDITIONS APPLY!

The conditions are applicable to the complexity of the case. For instance, if the negotiations take longer than expected,or if you undergo a hit-and-run case, where the lawyer is unable to track the truck number and its driver, the fee demand would rise.

In personal injury claims, the at-fault driver and You will receive clean compensation for your damages when you hire an accident lawyer. Therefore, you must hire a Kansas City truck accident attorney immediately before the obstacles intensify. 

You must keep in mind that you have TWO YEARS to file the case against the truck driver. Hence, within this time, you must hire a suitable, experienced, and compassionate lawyer. 

What Are The Qualities Of The Best Truck Accident Lawyer In Kansas City?

Having proven that you must contact a truck accident attorney in the event of a similar incident. But still, how would you know who is the best?

 A little research and homework would support you in reaching the potential Kansas City trucking accident lawyer. Every other attorney and the law firm would boast of their qualities and the number of previous cases they have won. It is still not enough.

Honesty and compassion: Personal integrity in handling legal cases distinctly is the first and foremost attribute you must look for in a truck accident attorney. He must be able to secure his case wins with an approach of honesty and tells you openly if there are weaknesses in your case. 


  1. Communication and transparency: Once you are sure of his knowledge of the cases handled in his domain, a Kansas City personal injury attorney should deliver the results at each step of the case. 
  2. Experience: This is an undeniable attribute that you are on the lookout for. You would get to know about the success rate of the attorney, which is convincing enough for you to finalize him. 
  3. Access to resources: While in Kansas City, simply getting to the eyewitness is done via lawful means. It is entirely impossible for you to do so as you are not entitled. You would certainly need someone with professional networks to do the task without taking much time. 
  4. Positive reviews and recommendations: Negative testimonials would not let your heart go for the stated lawyer. You would surely want someone who has credits of positive referrals back in the line. He should be a genuine person who is capable of handling your financial and emotional problems related to the truck accident. 


Everyone knows a serious truck accident can result in serious physical and emotional injuries, sometimes even death. If you live in Kansas City and have experienced one, you should immediately look for a compassionate, resourceful, and honest Kansas City trucking accident lawyer. A truck accident involves multiple parties with whom you cannot negotiate alone. A truck accident attorney would help you navigate through the complex legal process, gather evidence and get you the rightful compensation from the insurance firm on your behalf.

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