Expert Motorcycle Attorney in California – Protecting Your Rights on the Road

According to the motorcycle accident Attorney data in California, the number of victims of motorcycle accidents increased from 82,000 to 84,000 from 2018 to 2019. The latest data is still being recorded, it gives an overall picture for you to understand the importance of hiring a motorcycle attorney in California. 

The reason for such a high rate of motorcycle accidents in California is the recklessness of motorbike riders and the car crashes that happen irresponsibly. 50% of car crashes become the sole reason for motorcycle accidents in California.

It proves that it is high time for you to hire a motorcycle accident attorney in California to avoid such contingencies in the future.

In this article, we would provide all the necessary information to proceed with the process of hiring a motorcycle attorney and how you can schedule a meeting with the attorney in California. 

What Do You Do After a Motorcycle Accident In California? 

It is unfortunate to experience an accident on the road. It is riskier for motorcycle riders to undergo such circumstances since the bikes have a higher chance to go slipping or sliding on the road. In wet weather and winter, when the pavements and roads are watery,  it is more likely for motorcycle riders to experience an accident in California. 

If you have been through such a situation, you must know the following steps to do after a motorcycle accident in California:

  • Call the police: You should know that the police are there to help you. Either it is the road police or the crime investigation police who would help you find the offender, especially in a car hit-and-run case. 
  • Know your facts right: The police would instantly start asking you questions about the accident. For example, if it is a car hit-and-run case, the police would ask about the car number plate and car model. 
  • Call insurance company: Calling your insurance company would facilitate the matters when you have a personal injury. However, it sometimes happens when you still need legal assistance in California. You might not be able to answer the arduous questions of the insurance company on your own that tries to avoid giving you compensation. 
  • Call the motorcycle attorney in California: While California is prone to motorcycle accidents by cars, you would certainly require motorcycle lawyers. They are professionals who have knowledge of how the California legal system works for motorcycle accident victims. They have the networks and tools to offer you fair treatment and help you in getting justified insurance compensation. 

How Much Time Do I Have To File A Motorcycle Accident In California?

Two years is the standard time that you have to file a case if you are a motorcycle accident victim. It is the right time to ask for legal help. Motorcycle accident attorney California helps you meet deadlines and get a notice from the government to support you.

Before filing a lawsuit, the motorcycle lawyer in California takes details of the accident, which would require some time. Collecting evidence and indicating his contacts who would get into action to help solve the case, such as arresting the offender in a hit-and-run car case in motorcycle accidents, are all essential steps that need to be fulfilled within the predefined time limit.

How Much Accident Lawyers Charge In California?

There is no flat fees or hourly rate for motorcycle attorneys in California. It is only a part of the compensation fees that you would get in an insurance claim, for example.

It also depends on the seriousness of the case, just as in a wrongful death claim. You can sue the other liable party for an accident in a motorcycle crash. If the death of your loved one is confirmed, you can immediately ask the help of motorcycle attorneys in California who are qualified for becoming your legal representative of the deceased.  

According to California law, an accident lawyer may charge from 30-33% of the amount that you win in a case. Further, if you win the charges against the wrongful death claims and win the deserving amount of insurance dispute, your motorcycle lawyer in California would take only 30-33% of it. 

As mentioned earlier, the rate might go higher depending on the complexity and time taken in the case. 

Some Important Notes While Looking For Motorcycle Attorneys in California

Take note of some mindful facts while you are looking for a skillful motorcycle lawyer in California. Here they are:

  1. The lawyer must have an impeccable track record of solving motorcycle accident cases in the past. 
  2. Recommendations and referrals could also help reach an experienced attorney. 
  3. Try finding a local attorney who knows the laws applicable in your area. He would also have strong contacts in the area that would make it easier for him to gain information from nearby authorities. 
  4. He should be experienced enough to get you maximum damages.
  5. The damages would include economic and noneconomic damages.
  6. The economic damages would include the cost of medical bills, property damages such as that of the precious motorcycle that you might have bought from your hard-earned money, loss of your job due to severe personal injury, etc.
  7. Non Economic costs include personal suffering and emotional distress that you go through after losing a loved one in a motorcycle accident or through the loss of your job that causes financial stress as repercussions. 
  8. You don’t have to worry about paying the motorcycle accident attorney in California until you win the case. The lawyers know how to make a case successful. They have the intellect to negotiate matters with the insurance company, the jury, or the car driver who was at fault.
  9. You can set an appointment initially before officially hiring the motorcycle attorney. The attorney gives a free trial consultation session where you could decide about the minute details and be satisfied with the outcomes. 


In conclusion, motorcycle attorneys in California play a crucial role in helping motorcyclists protect their rights and obtain fair compensation for any damages or injuries sustained in accidents. These attorneys possess specialized knowledge of motorcycle laws and regulations and have extensive experience handling motorcycle accident cases. Motorcyclists need to seek the assistance of a qualified attorney in the event of an accident to ensure they receive the best possible outcome.

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